You would like to cite GFBio or specific services provided by GFBio?

To cite GFBio as a project please use:

Diepenbroek M., Glöckner F., Grobe P., Güntsch A., Huber R., König-Ries B., Kostadinov I., Nieschulze J., Seeger B., Tolksdorf R. & Triebel, D. Towards an Integrated Biodiversity and Ecological Research Data Management and Archiving Platform: The German Federation for the Curation of Biological Data (GFBio) In: Plödereder E, Grunske L, Schneider E, Ull D, editors. Informatik 2014 – Big Data Komplexität meistern. GI-Edition: Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) – Proceedings. GI edn. Vol. 232. Bonn: Köllen Verlag; 2014. pp. 1711–1724

For citing specific services, please use one of the following:

  • Cite the GFBio Terminology Service (TS):

Karam, N.; Fichtmueller, D.; Gleisberg, M.; Lorenz, R.; Tolksdorf, R.; Müller-Birn, C. & Güntsch, A. (eds.) 2014 onwards. The Terminology Service of the German Federation for Biological Data (GFBio) - Service of semantic technologies in scientific environments. - [Accessed 2020-04-23]  (adjust to your date of access!)

  • Cite the GFBio Visualization, Analysis and Transformation System (VAT):

Beilschmidt, C.; Drönner, J.; Mattig, M. & Seeger, B. (eds.) 2017 onwards. VAT - The Visualization, Analysis and Transformation System. A Service for Data-Driven Biodiversity Research. - [Accessed 2020-04-23]  (adjust to your date of access!)

  • ABCD data archives accessed from the GFBio portal can by cited using the suggested Dataset Citation displayed in the portal search:

The suggested citation of an ABCD dataset as displayed in GFBio search

The citations follow this general pattern:

<Authors> (<Publication_year>). <Title>. [Dataset]. Version: <VersionNr>. Data Publisher: <Data_center_name>. <URI>.

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  1. This article could be merged with a question from the FAQs in the portal (i.e. How do I cite GFBio?)

    Perhaps it'd be good to complete: "To cite GFBio as a project" with  "To cite GFBio as a project or if you use any of GFBio's services, please cite the following article"

    And add the ABCD:

    Cite the ABCD data archives accessed from the GFBio portal:

    <Authors> (<Publication_year>). <Title>. [Dataset]. Version: <VersionNr>. Data Publisher: <Data_center_name>. <URI>.