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The Knowledge Base contains information and resources around biodiversity data services and data management best practices offered by the NFDI4Biodiversity community. The resources in this Knowledge Base are developed and maintained by the members of NFDI4Biodiversity.

Follow our Datamanager Doro* or Post-doc Paul* through their useful resources or browse by topic:

  • Tools & Services,
  • Technical Architecture,
  • Training and
  • the NFDI4Biodiversity Data Network 

Our legal podcast

Follow us through the legal jungle in the NFDI4Biodiversity Podcast on legal aspects in handling biodiversity and environmental data.

Working with data

Follow Post-doc Paul to helpful resources around our Tools & Services: Collecting, publishing and analysing data.

All about data management

Follow Datamanager Doro for documentation of our Tools, Services, Standards and Technical Architecture.

Our Data Center network

Find information about the Data Center network and their supported standards and archival workflow.

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* Post-doc Paul and Datamanager Doro

Do you want to know more about Doro and Paul?

Meet their colleagues and take a look how they are helping in designing services and information for our target communities at our "Personas" page on our website: https://www.nfdi4biodiversity.org/en/personas/

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