Short Answer

Archiving research data through GFBio gives you a wide set of advantages.

Detailed Answer

GFBio offers a set of services that provide direct benefit to you:

  • GFBio is a single drop-off point with individual support for complex datasets
  • Your data will be curated and archived in one or more of the suitable GFBio-associated high-standard data centers with expertise in various fields (biodiversity data, collection data, ecological data, molecular data, environmental data)
  • During the archival process, data is enriched with (standardized) metadata by the experts of the respective data center
  • Long-term preservation of your data is guaranteed
  • Upon publication, your data receive a persistent identifier (e.g. DOI) or an accession number (molecular data), so that they become fully citable comparable to any paper publication
  • Heterogeneous datasets archived and published in different data centers are cross-linked via their persistent identifiers
  • You have the possibility to archive data that are not connected to any prior research publication

GFBio strives to meet the FAIR data principles and helps to ensure that your data become findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. 

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