Short Answer

The cost of the data archival and its publication depend on the project.

Detailed Answer

  • For small scale projects, we charge a fixed percentage of 3% of the total budget of the project. These costs are eligible for funding by the DFG and most probably also by other funders, just give it a try (more information on costs that can be funded by the DFG can be found here).
  • For larger projects costs need to be negotiated with GFBio on an individual basis. They usually vary from 3% to 5% of the total budget of the project. Depending on the complexity and volume of data up to 10% might be possible. Please contact us for more information.
  • There are no hidden or subsequent costs for data that are already archived.
  • In any case, we ask you to apply for money for research data management in the course of your research proposal and to name GFBio as a partner if you intend to archive your data through GFBio. If you have questions about the exact wording or need an offer please contact us.
  • During the GFBio funding period (until 2021) we are able to provide consultation, data archival, and publication services free of charge for individual researchers not linked to specific larger funding programs (meaning projects with moderate data complexity and volumes).

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